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Communication & Social Platform

Simbol is the communication and social platform for the Immersive Web. Quickly create a multiuser experience for your 3D site, allowing people to communicate using the extensible Simbol tools.

It focuses on a great experience for everyone, always keeping accessibility, security and privacy at the forefront. This is possible by building on top of decentralized technologies such as Dat, IPFS and Ethereum.

Universal Single Identity

Simbol brings forward the concept of a Virtual Persona, your unique and global identity for everything, both in the digital and the physical world. Only you can own and manage it and choose what to share with each site.

By building on top of uPort, people and organizations can own an easy to use private and secure identity that will work perfectly with the rest of the environment.

Social Virtual Universe

We're helping to bring the power of an extra dimension to the Web. It allows unseen possibilities to how we learn and express ourselves.

Easily create a WebXR compatible social 3D web site that can be linked to other Simbol sites, allowing people to move from one to the other seamlessly. It comes with a basic common locomotion, interaction and physics system.

Quick Setup

Getting started adding Simbol to your site is very easy. First, install it:

npm install --save simbol

Then import it into your project:

import {Simbol} from 'simbol';

Create a Simbol instance with the scene information:

const simbol = new Simbol({ scene: { canvas: document.querySelector('canvas'), sceneToLoad: 'path/to/my/scene.gltf' } });

Instantiate the Simbol instance:


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